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Learning to drive - What is the Theory Test?

Being a good driver is more than just being able to handle a car, you need to know about road signs, how to anticipate danger and have a knowledge of road etiquette.

A knowledge of hazard perception has proved a contributor in reducing accidents with new drivers by specifically making new drivers more aware of road hazards when they occur and any action that may need to be taken.

So what do you have to do to pass the Driving Theory test?

1. You will have to answer 50 multiple choice questions on a touch screen (minimum pass score is 43 out of 50)

2. You will have to look at 14 minute long hazard perception videos (minimum pass score is 44 out of 75)

For both of the above there is a short practice session before each test to give you a chance to get used to the touch screen for the multiple choice questions and to get used to the clicking of the mouse for spotting and marking when the hazards arise.

You will need to pass both parts before embarking on the practical driving test.

What is the Driving Practical test?

This is where you will need to prove to a DSA Examiner that you can drive and that you know what you are doing when behind the wheel of a car driving in a safe and confident manner.

You will need to pass both parts before embarking on the practical driving test.

So what do you have to do for the Driving Practical test?

If you are ready and well prepared the driving practical test should be straight forward. Driving Practical Tests are usually around 35-40 minutes and includes 10 minutes of independent driving, one maneouvre and possibly an emergency stop. On the driving practical test the Examiner will tell you where to drive and what exercises to do, you will drive on normal roads and will probably recognize some of the roads if you choose your local driving test centre for your driving practical test. You will also be asked a couple of practical questions about the car (these are mostly referred to as the ‘Show me/Tell me’ questions).

Preparing for your practical driving test

Once you have passed your Driving Theory test I will inform you when you are ready for the second part your driving practical test.

After each lesson I will give you feedback to prepare you for the next lesson as well giving you pointers on what to practice if you have the use of another car outside of your driving lessons. If you are not lucky enough to be able to practice in between driving lessons, then if you have a weekly lesson I will recap on the last lesson and then build on with new learning within each driving lesson.

I can also provide you with a ‘mock driving test’ – this is where I will provide a timed trial run with driving test formats and I will provide you at the end with a result the same as with the Examiner on the real practical driving test.

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