Learn to drive in nottingham

Learn to Drive in Nottingham

Getting Started with Janet's School of Motoring Nottingham

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E: janet@learn2drivewithjanet.co.uk

Before you begin any practical driving lessons, please read the checklist below:

Make sure you are legal for your driving lessons

Provisonal driving licence both parts photocard and counterpart, you will not be able to take your driving lesson without this. No licence then applying on line by typing in provisional driving licence application. You can apply up to 3 months before your 17th birthday for your licence.

Driving Lessons

Janet's School of Motoring Nottingham is a female driving instructor offering driving lessons from 1 hour each week or more if you have the time as this can be arranged to suit you as I know some learners prefer more like 1 1/2 hours with others preferring 2 hour lessons. Driving lessons can be anytime and can be even two or more times a week the schedule is really up to you.

Comfort & Enjoyment for Driving Lessons

Wear comfy clothes and shoes for your driving lessons, when learning to drive it's is easier with no high heels or heavy boots as this helps you feel comfortable and helps with the learning process during your driving lessons.Being alert for your driving lessons is important, big nights out before your driving lesson is probably not a good idea, remember alcohol stays in the body for more than 24 hours.

Personal Information for Driving Lessons

Anyone taking medication should check the instructions on the bottle/leaflet or ask your GP as some don’t allow you to drive. Don’t worry about being nervous, just mention how you are feeling at the start of your driving lesson and I will know exactly how to help you and put you at ease.

Important Information for Driving Lessons

Finally, don’t forget even a learner has rules to follow, you can still get points on your driving lessons and be responsible for paying a fine for something like speeding before you pass your test, so try to come prepared knowing your highway code and your responsibility as a car driver and road user.

Janet Bott

Janet's driving school nottingham - DSA Approved Driving Instructor


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