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These terms and conditions represent the basis upon which training is offered by Janet Bott at Janet’s School of Motoring/ Learn2drivewithjanet. The provisions of training is subject to the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Tuition - Only available to those who meet the criteria

All Pupils must be age 17 or over. If 16 you need to be in receipt of the higher rate of Disability Living Allowance (mobility component); hold a UK Provisional Driving Licence for Group B Cars, and produce it before or on first training session. (Refresher lessons for full licence holders must produce a valid and in date licence).


All fees include Pupil cover whilst driving the Instructor’s School vehicle, (provided the Pupil is licensed to drive) and is accompanied by an instructor or on a Driving Test with an approved Examiner(s).


You (the Pupil) and your Instructor are responsible for agreeing all times, location and duration of training sessions.
You must let the Instructor know at the beginning of the training session of any matters which may affect your ability or entitlement to have driving tuition, for example, but not limited to, any lack or loss, of a valid UK driving licence.

The minimum lessons period is one hour. If, for any reason, the Instructor is late for the lesson the Instructor will make a concerted effort to inform the pupil of the estimated time of arrival. If the delay is greater than 15 minutes this time will be credited to the pupil and when possible the lesson will be extended by the time due - if this is not possible extra time will be carried forward to the next suitable lesson time.

Your Instructor will endeavour to maintain a regular lesson slots mainly at the same times each week to ensure continuity of learning, however, this cannot be guaranteed.

Payments and lessons bookings

Tuition fees Driving lesson fees are normally payable in advance. Payment can be made by cash or by bank transfer if you wish to pay by bank method then you must ask in advance for details with your Driving Instructor and pay before the lesson start time.

All prices are quoted at the time of booking and may be changed at any time. Prepaid lessons and any prepaid block bookings must be taken by you within six months of the date of your original payment. You will not be entitled to a refund after the expiry date of this period. At any point during this six months period, if you don’t wish to take any of the prepaid lessons, you are entitled to a refund equal to the value of any prepaid lessons not taken.

If you have booked a block booking of 10 hours or more, these must be paid for in full (IN ADVANCE) in order to qualify for the discounted rates. Under no circumstances will your account be allowed to go into arrears.
Each lesson MUST be paid for on the day at the beginning of the lesson or in advance. Do not book or commence a lesson without the means to pay. This is not acceptable under any circumstances.
If you are late for a lesson, then the lesson will still run for the booked time. It will not be extended unless the Instructor is able to accommodate you.
You are responsible for the payment of any fees charged by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Theory and Practical Driving Test.
PRICE CHANGES - Janet’s School of Motoring reserves the right to change the price of all lessons from time to time.
TRANSFERABILITY OF LESSONS - you cannot sell or transfer lessons which have been purchased in your name to any other person(s).
GIFT VOUCHERS - Driving lessons are only available to those who hold a valid UK provisional driving licence, your Instructor reserves the right to refuse to provide you with tuition or to cancel any lessons you have booked, if you fail to provide the Instructor with an appropriate licence prior to your first lesson beginning. Please keep the voucher safe as it cannot be re-issued if lost or damaged. The voucher is valid until the date shown and must be redeemed by that date. The voucher has no cash value. Finally, the voucher is non- refundable.


If you or your Instructor wish to cancel a lesson then a minimum of 24 hours prior notice should be given. If you Instructor cancels a lesson without giving this minimum period of notice your instructor shall rearrange the lesson. Cancellation by you must be made directly to your instructor. If you do not give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation, you will be charged for the

lesson(s) concerned. If your Instructor arrives at your address to pick you up for a lesson and you are not there (NO SHOW), you WILL be charged for the full lesson that was booked.
If either you or your Instructor need to cancel or rearrange a lesson at least 24 hours notice will be required for single lessons of up to two hours duration. Failure to give this notice will result in a valid claim for an equivalent value in compensation (i.e. a cancellation fee will be charged if it’s by you or credited if its by the Instructor).

Your Instructor will do everything possible tonsure that your lesson start and finish on time, but reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change lesson lengths and start/finish times under certain circumstances (e.e. dangerous weather conditions). In the event of postponement fees paid in advance will be carried forward.

The Instructor reserves the right to cancel a lesson at short notice if it is suspected the the pupil may be unfit due to the effects of alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise) or any other condition that would cause his/her driving to be dangerous or illegal. In such circumstances the lesson feel will be payable.

If an account falls into arrears due to a cancellation, none payment or a NO SHOW, you will be expected to pay for the lesson at the start of a subsequent training session. If there are no further training sessions then you must take alternative measure to pay your Instructor. A fee of £25 for none payment will be added to your arrears, if not paid within 7 days. Any lessons book if thus debts is cleared then payment must be up front first - If your Instructor does not receive payment, they reserve the right to pursue the debt via the small claims court.


All pupils will be picked up and dropped off at same location unless otherwise requested and agreed in advance. If another meeting or finishing place is requested to that already agreed the driving lesson may need to be shortened to cover any additional traveling time and avoid disrupting other pupils. The Instructor will determine a location for practical lessons which ensure both the pupil’s and public safety - this mean that the Instructor may need to drive to and from the lesson start place to another location; this journey time forms part of the lesson as paid for.

The driving Test and bookings

You must consult and agree on test dates and times with the Instructor before booking a test.

Your Instructor reserves the right to refuse use of a their driving school vehicle for test if the Instructor considers that the provision of a vehicle could cause a risk to public safety.
Where the Instructor’s car is used for the test, the booking period will base upon the Instructor’s normal diary schedule. Depending on the time of the test this will require a minimum of two hours booking and possibly longer.
Your Instructor will try to make every effort to ensure that the vehicle supplied for test will be fully road worthy and comply with all the legal requirements at the start of the test, the Instructor cannot be held responsible for vehicle failure that occurs during the test and is not liable for consequential loss.

Your Instructor cannot be held responsible for test appointments that are cancelled by the DVSA due to bad weather, sickness, staff shortages or other reasons. Such cancellations are beyond the control of your Instructor and therefore the lesson driving test fee and ‘use of the car’ fee for the booked period will be charged. Your Instructor will advice about claiming compensation from the DVSA. Furthermore the Instructor is not responsible for any failure of lightbulbs etc during the Practical test. All bulbs/lights etc will be checked by the Pupil on the day of the test. This will be confirmed in text message to the Instructor on the day of the test.

Notify me (the Instructor) immediately of test dates, times and locations to ensure you reserve the car. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the required documentation when attending for test.

Code of Conduct

Your Instructor agrees to abide by the conditions of the Professional Code of Conduct (a copy is available on gov.uk website). In the unlikely event of complaint or a dispute the guidelines of the Code of Conduct will be adhered to.

Your Rights

These conditions do not affect any protection a Pupil has under consumer legislation.

We reserve the right to change or alter any of Janet’s School of Motoring terms and conditions without notice, but will endeavour to inform Pupils of any changes as soon as possible.

Personal property

The School accepts no liability for personal property that is left in any training vehicle.

Mobile Phones

All Pupils should ensure that mobile phones are switched off, prior to entering the tuition vehicle, for safety reasons. Due to recent changes in the law, our Instructor's will not use a mobile phone whilst the vehicle is moving on a driving lesson!

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